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Well Care Health is an integrated, post-acute care company providing home health and personal care services throughout North Carolina. It encompasses the entities, Well Care Home Health and Well Care Home Care. The agency serves more than 40 counties in North Carolina, from the coast to the Triad, and employs more than 800 people.

An employee shared this in an anonymous forum, "Its all about money coming in. They do not care about you as a person or an individual. Your coworkers will stab you in the back every chance they get. The CFO and the COO dont want to be bothered with anything, especially if it means they would have to do something. Go to them for help and you will be scolded, talked about and laughed at behind your back. They do as little as possible and are not even aware of the day to day operations within the billing department. There is no "family values" there at all like they claim. Workers need to focus on their jobs and not what others are doing. Office drama is an every day thing here. Pay is ok, but watchout for the people. Unrealistic goals are placed upon the department and threats made to your future with the company if you cannot meet or exceed said goals. Stress levels are sky high and your coworkers are so immature and childish. The COO is so withdrawn that she doesn't even know whats going on and the CFO is as cluelessas they come."


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Cholotto@yahoo.com says

"Pay for insurance Dr, specialist, hospitals Won't take the insurance Say Wellcare doesn't pay The cstr in a predicament Wellcare does nothing about it Upper mgmt ignores all issues Leaves the cstr in bad life threatening medical situations Call to get an resolution & they threaten to drop you Paying for insurance that doesn't work Wellcare takes the $$$ & does nothing to fix"

Wayne LaRue says

"I retired in November. In order to us my former employer’s health spending account (HSA) I have to purchase Medicare supplement part D through Aon. Aon only uses a very few companies to provide Part D coverage. We have spent many many hours on the phone doing everything from initial enrollment to trying to get mail order prescriptions filled. Others have stated the language barrier in dealing with customer support. They are correct. They claim to be able to speak English but, good luck. A number of times the wrong word is used to describe a situation. We have several times asked to speak to someone who speaks English. Each time they refuse and go right on talking even though we are not understanding them. In the last incident my wife was on the phone trying to get prescriptions released that our doctor has prescribed for her for years. She was told A Wellcare pharmacist must review the prescription before it can be released. The web site, texts, and emails have incorrect and conflicting information on them. I called Medicare and my wife filed a formal complaint with them. I would advise anyone having trouble with this company to do the same. The Medicare representative was very sympathetic and said the complaint constituted a cause for switching providers. We did no do it due to the HSA. I would recommend anyone who does not have to deal with this company. DON’T. If you are struggling with them file a complaint with Medicare."




"Received a check from Wellcare regarding a insurance payment. We are a medical billing service and I contacted Wellcare providers services and informed them that the check had a provider name that w e do not bill for and needed clarification as to who the check is for and why it was being mailed to our p o box. I also informed them that i have the payspan registration code and pin: number. I was informed that they could not help me but i can mail the check back to them because there was no way to contact the department that issued the check. To my shock they were not even able to identify who the check was issued to... that's are insurance premiums at work... i was further informed by a supervisor that if i can't tell her what product line the check was for they can't help me"

Craig says

"Had to change to a different Insulin because the product I was using was not covered. Was quoted a price at a different pharmacy and got Dr to transfer the prescription. Pharmacy called to advise that the cost was 111.00 over the quote. The Pharmacy CSR at Well Care was supposedly checking my account information before quoted me the lower price. These folks are horrible. AVOID at all COSTS!"

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